Pokemon Sun And Moon Has Just Reached A New Milestone!

Pokemon Sun and Moon are two of the newest (and most popular) Pokemon games from Nintendo. Prior to their release, the impending success of these titles have already been expected. But of course, it was until they arrived that all these predictions became true. Fast forward to today, the two -- along with Square Enix's Final Fantasy XV (for PS4) -- made it to Amazon's list of top-selling products.

According to GameSpot, no certain figures in terms of revenue or sales were announced. However, in a press release, it was pointed out that Pokemon Sun and Moon and Final Fantasy XV landed on the top three best-selling titles on the titular online retailing site. This is definitely a great news to fans of these highly celebrated games.

It's worth noting that the company also didn't reveal the specific period that Pokemon Sun and Moon and Final Fantasy XV covered. Nonetheless, as what reports suggest, it could be in the span of November and December of this year. Regardless, the success that the installments acquired didn't really come as a surprise.

For one, Pokemon Sun and Moon have long been anticipated to become hit titles. Following their release, the games' popularity skyrocketed in an instant. The fading admiration of fans towards Pokemon GO is believed to have contributed to this event in one way or another. Heck, the Pokemon games are even deemed to have broken Nintendo's record in the fastest-selling titles category. And take note: this one here is applied on multiple regions across the globe.

Final Fantasy XV, on the other hand, made history after shipping a whopping figure of 5 million copies (worldwide launch). Square Enix's game acquired the title of being the fastest launch in the history of the franchise. No wonder really why the game made it to the list.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon Sun and Moon being on top of Amazon's best-selling games? How about Final Fantasy XV? Do you play these titles? Be sure to share us what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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