Valve Finally Introduced Highly Advance AI To Track Down Counter-Strike Cheaters

One of the most prevalent issues in CS:GO is the indomitable hackers that have thrived across time; despite the security and protection of Valve's Anti-Cheat system. With the growing demands of the community to purge the game from these miscreants, Valve has finally made an intelligent system that can effectively track down these hackers and evolve across time - learning each and every day. Valve claimed that this highly advanced AI will be able to end all clandestine and mischievous acts done by programmers.

Valve's New and Advance AI Being Trained

There's a reason why Valve has been fairly reticent with the updates of Overwatch (not to be confused with Blizzard's game) anti-cheat system. It turns out that the developers are actually focusing on a different program that's far better than the latter - an intelligent one.

The reason behind this change is because according to Valve, "Any hard-coded detection of spin-botting leads to an arms race with cheat developers-if they can find the edges of the heuristic you're using to detect the cheat, the problem comes back." And so their solution is peculiarly simple - develop a system that can adapt to the changes, updates and time. A system that can "think and learn." 

Early Version Of The AI Has Been Deployed

The new AI is a complex system that parses data and analyzes it over-time - adapting to all of its processes and behaviors. According to Valve, an early version of the AI has been deployed in the game and has yield significant results already. The results are then translated and reported directly to Overwatch (Valve's Anti-Cheat System).

The problem, however, is that CS:GO has more than a million of matches played every day. And all of those data (every demo of every match from every player's perspective), must be parsed and analyzed by the program in order to be fully effective. In short, Valve will need to have a separate datacenter that's capable of powering thousands of CPU cores just for running the complex AI for CS:GO. Whilst the current version of the AI is undeniably far-fetched from being fully implemented into the system, Valve stated that "Since the results have been promising, we're going to continue this work and expand the system over time."

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