Porsche Knew Carrera GT Was 'Dangerous And Unsafe' And Concealed It, Says Paul Walker's Lawyer

By James Yu , Feb 17, 2017 11:08 AM EST

The tragic death of "The Fast and the Furious" star, Paul Walker, through a Porsche Carerra GT car crash was among the most shocking news of the decade. The accident however, was more than tragic not just for Paul Walker's family, friends and fans but also to the Porsche brand as the actor's death struck a negative blow to Porsche. Recently, Walker's lawyer claimed that Porsche concealed the fact that the Porsche Carerra GT was dangerous and unsafe and this could spell more trouble for the automaker.

The Concealed Truth

According to report, Porsche had intentionally concealed the fact that the Carerra GT supercar was a dangerous vehicle. In a statement, Walker's lawyer, Jeffry L. Milam, stated that he learned that Porsche has hidden damaging evidence regarding how dangerous and unsafe its Carrera Gt. Milam mentioned that the automaker did this to protect its brand and image. The Porsche Carrera GT was the car that got involved in a crash where Paul Walker was a casualty. Milam further stated that an ethical company should have withdrawn the abovementioned car from the market for being dangerous. However, Porsche did no such thing as the Porsche Carrera GT model is still out in the market.

The Damaging Emails

Paul Walker's lawyer also found emails that contained damaging information for Porsche. Accordingly, the email contained a message that said "Another Carrera GT bites the dust and crashes of GTs would be great news to the remaining owners as the GT becomes more rare." Apparently, this email was sent from a Porsche manager as reported. It was also mentioned that the automaker was also caught trying to hide the abovementioned emails including the names of people that could potentially be witnesses to Paul Walker's case.

What This Means

If it is proven that Porsche indeed concealed facts about the Porsche Carrera GT being unsafe and dangerous, the automaker will not just have to answer the legal liabilities but it will also most likely stain its good brand name. At this point however, the allegations against Porsche, whether true or not, are most certainly hurting the brand in terms of marketability.

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