Ipad Pro's New Commercials Slams Windows 10 PCs

Apple has published a new commercial of its iPad Pro in which it used the same strategies as in previous ad campaigns, which were slamming against its most important competitors. This time, the product that suffered Apple´s attacks was the Windows 10 PCs, reviving some of the most intense moments between the Cupertino company and tech giant Microsoft.

iPad Pro´s Commercial Represents Apple´s Aggressive Strategy 

In the commercial, Apple slams the many faults that affect computers and get to the point of stating that this product is better than a PC. In fact, one commercial even called out the likes of Microsoft, for not being able to offer the same power and portability as the iPad Pro, which is clearly a quite aggressive strategy to promote a product that is expected to make a really important hit in the market.

Each of these commercials is limited to 15 seconds, and there´s one in which Apple got to the point of hitting back at a tweet from someone saying that an iPad Pro is not even close to being a single computer, by claiming that this tablet is not meant to be like this product and that the iPad Pro is actually faster than most laptops. Naturally, this is something that wants to correct many people´s aversion to these products, but it definitely shows such an aggressive move from Apple that it wouldn't be a surprise if the commercial doesn't get a positive response from users.

Apple Slams Windows 10 PCs 

Also, there´s another ad in which Apple singled out Microsoft and its Windows 10 PCs, showing how no one needs these computers to download and user programs like Word since iPad Pro users can get their hands on iOS versions to use on their devices, allowing them to do more with this particular program.

Although the commercials are characterized for trying to discredit Microsoft and Windows 10 PCs, what seems noticeable is that Apple didn't show how much one has to pay for the iPad Pro. Many analysts suggested that the reason might be its expensive price because even when this has never been a problem for Apple, the fact that tablets are facing their most unpopular moment, it appears that the Cupertino company would have to think twice before showing the product´s high cost.

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