Surface Phone Vs iPhone 8: An Epic Battle Between Microsoft And Apple In The Smartphone Market

Apple iPhone 8 Predictions, Expectations And Confirmed Facts
We sure can say that the next iPhone will be quite special. Photo : TrustedReviews/YouTube

Next year will be probably the most important period of time in smartphone´s history, since there are many incredible mobile devices that will be released, and a rough competition that will only represent good news for the users. However, the iPhone 8 and the Surface Phone are probably the most expected smartphones, since it would mark an epic battle between Microsoft and Apple, this time in the phone market. In order to know what to expect from both products, here are the most important rumors so far.

Microsoft Surface Phone´s Rumors: An Outstanding Device That Could Be Huge Threat For The iPhone

One of the most incredible rumors that have been shared about the Surface Phone is that it will support Win32 apps, which would allow using the legacy Windows programs that everyone uses on their computers. Of course, this would be a clever move to encourage Android and iOS users to buy this product, which could get an edge over Android devices and the iPhone.

Also, it has been said that the Microsoft will unveil three variants of this mobile device, a consumer model, a business model and an enthusiast edition. Apparently, the base model will feature 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM, with a mid-range offering coming with 128 GB storage and 6GB RAM.

Another rumor that many believe could be true, is that the Surface Phone would be powered by Windows 10 Resdtone operating system, and could feature a Kay Lake processor, which is a new generation of Intel´s processor that are set to arrive at the end of this year. Naturally, we are talking about major details that would turn this smartphone into one of the best mobile devices ever released in the market, considering that its specs and features would turn it into some kind of tech innovation.

Of course, another huge rumor about the Surface Phone is about its camera, since it is believed that this mobile device would sport a 20-megapixel rear camera with a Carl Zeiss Lens. If this ends up to be true, Microsoft will be sending a threatening message to its competitors, given the fact that the tech giant would be willing to enter into an epic battle against anyone, but especially Apple.

Regarding the price, rumors suggest that this mobile device would cost between $700 and $1,100, which wouldn't be so expensive as many people were expecting since there were other rumors that suggested higher prices. The base model is the one that could be offered at $700, while the top level would possibly be at $1,099.

iPhone 8 Rumors: Incredible Specs And Features That Would Clash Into An Epic Battle Against Microsoft

Although there are many other highly-anticipated smartphones that will be released next year, none of these could be compared to the expectations surrounding the iPhone 8, since this is a product that a lot of people believe could be another groundbreaking moment in Apple´s history and in our lives.

As it was reported in a previous article, Apple is working on a new technology that would allow this smartphone to recharge itself from a long distance. Obviously, this means that the iPhone could come with a long-range wireless charging capability, which would be so incredible that it will make the other phones look like an old Nokia.

Another rumor that says a lot about the iPhone is about its design since Apple could have decided to remove the home button; a risky move with unpredictable consequences. In fact, the home button is expected to be replaced with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor that would be built into the same screen.

Also, it is possible that Apple replaces the side buttons with touch sensors, which will turn the iPhone 8 into a smartphone of the future. According KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, this mobile device might come with an aluminum metal casing and it will feature glass front and back design, just like previous flagships as the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

Although the camera is probably the most mysterious feature so far, since there hasn't been a lot of rumors. However, Kuo said in a note to clients that Apple would possibly add a top-class camera technology in the iPhone 8, including dual optical image stabilization function, which would improve optical zoom range and photo quality. Also, there is a chance that this flagship sports a 3D camera.

The only rumor that will not be so pleasant for users is that the iPhone 8 is expected to be quite expensive, which is a very hard thing to say for a company whose products are not precisely cheap. Apparently, if you want to buy this smartphone, you will have to pay around $1200 to get it.

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