Nintendo Account IDs Up For Grabs In Preparation For Switch Launch

This week, Nintendo had refreshed its account system landing page. The company added new functionality to prep for the launch of Switch this March 3. Also included is the introduction of the Nintendo Account ID. Fans need to set up their account and link this to their systems.

Nintendo’s newest console will require a separate ID aside from the account used for Wii U and 3DS. The Switch reportedly will have an online component that will cost somewhere between $15 and $30. Nintendo has not disclosed what the online service will consist of.

To choose a Nintendo Account User ID, a player must log into the Nintendo Account website. Under the User Info section, User ID is now included.

Assigning ID is easy. However, like any username system, no ID duplication is allowed. The account updates also have some other updates that will come in handy for the new console. Players can go to the Account Activity section to see their past eShop purchases. The console will connect to Nintendo Accounts and allow owners to redownload previous purchases. Nintendo has simplified their online eShop purchase recover which required customer support line in the past, as published by Polygon.

Players who are getting the Nintendo Account ID should first set up Nintendo ID and My Nintendo Account before they can set up the new account ID. Usernames need to have at least six characters. Any slurs or profanities contained in the username are not allowed. Once the desired name is in place, the name will show up on the page and will be shown presumably underneath the player’s chosen avatar. Players who are unhappy with their names can always come back and change it at a later date, as reported by Destructoid.

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