Twitter Is Ghost-Deleting Potentially Offensive Tweets

By Luis Fran , Feb 22, 2017 08:28 AM EST
Although it remains unknown which could be the new measures that the company could make, it is believed that this new controversy might harm Twitter´s efforts to fight against online abuse on its platform. (Photo : 310 Info/YouTube)

Online abuse has been Twitter´s main problem.  This unlikely phenomenon has created a concerning leak of users that the platform has, making it as the worst kind of setback that a public social media could suffer. Although Twitter has been strongly criticized for taking ineffective measures, the users have recently claimed that the platform is ghost-deleting any tweet that is considered offensive.

The Ghost-Deleted Tweet Could Only Be Seen By The Sender

We´re talking about a highly controversial action considered to be the most aggressive move of the company to fight offensive remarks.  If proven to be true,  it is clear that Twitter maximizes its ability of randomly choosing which post is offensive and which one isn´t.  To recall, the platform has been blamed for being biased on specific situations and issue.

On the ghost-deleting allegation, it is reported that Twitter allegedly does it without providing any kind of notification to the affected tweets and accounts. The person who alerted about this situation was the user John Sweeney, who assured that a satirical meme that he posted on the platform was removed and hidden from public view for offensive content.

One of the most particular details about his remarks is that the tweet could only be seen by him, which made the situation even more disturbing.  Twitter is theorized to be doing some kind of stealth mission in which the main objective is only to erase everything that the platform consider as offensive without notifying the sender or making a punishment.

Twitter Denies The Deleted Tweets

Also, Sweeney claimed that the social media deleted his tweet because of political reasons.  His post was about an online troll Milo Yiannopoulos appearance on Bill Maher´s show a few days ago, which was widely criticized in the mainstream media. In fact, Yiannopoulos had a controversial history in Twitter, since the platform banned him for life because of the offensive remarks he made against Ghostbuster´s actor Leslie Jones through a series of tweets.

Although these accusations have been widely known, Twitter just assured that it hasn't ghost-deleted any tweet from any users, and explained that what happened with Sweeney was that the platform mistakenly marked it as a spam. Nevertheless, this user keeps claiming that this was a political-motivated action against the content of his tweet.

Facing a terrible financial situation and a decisive growth is Jack Dorsey´s roles as CEO of the company. Twitter has been trying to find the most efficient way to fight against online abuse on its platform but it has been so difficult that some of the measures have been ridiculed by its users. However, this social media is betting a lot on placing temporary usage restriction on a specific account if it detects an abusive behavior.

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