Online Troll Milo Yiannopoulos Could Buy 4Chan

Breitbart tech editor and online troll Milo Yiannopoulos could buy the well known infamous website 4Chan. This is after 4chan revealed financial problems that could lead to its closure. 4Chan CEO Hiroyuki Nisimura explained in a blog post that he was no longer capable of keeping it afloat financially.

A super-villain against the most hated man on the Internet

According to IBT, if Yiannopoulos wants to acquire 4Chan, he would have a great obstacle, since it has been known that pharmacy entrepreneur Martin Shkreli also wants to buy 4Chan, as he expressed it in a Twitter post. Yiannopoulos, on the other hand, is willing to make a nice bid with the help of a wealthy backer.

"As a free-speech fundamentalist and a student of Internet culture, I appreciate how fragile and precious the 4Chan ecosystem is and how much it gives to the wider Internet - even if some corners of it, such as /pol/, don't always approve of me very much. I spoke to my lawyer this morning about purchasing the bussiness, I intend to approach the current owners in the next few days with an offer. My philosophy as owner would be very simple: free-speech central, no ifs, no but," Yiannopoulos told Hollywood Reporter.

Milo could use 4Chan as his own social media

His intentions aren't clear enough to predict which actions he would made if he finally buys 4Chan, considering that he might run it as his own social media. The notorious "Internet troll" was banned from Twitter earlier this year, accused of inciting a racist persecution against Leslie Jones.

4Chan has been known for being an extremely controversial site where you can find the most hilarious memes, great reviews of movies, series or Japanese manga, as well as politically incorrect and discriminatory content. 

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