World of Warcraft: Blizzard Improved The Chances Of Legendary Drop Rates Across All Classes

Rogue @ Legion - all Legendary items
Blizzard announced that they have increased the drop rates of all Legendary in patch 7.1.5. Photo : Bué2/Youtube

One of the most iconic features of Legion is the so called Legendary System. Although it is one of the endearing features of the expansion, this very system also polarized its entire community as the love-hate relationship which continues to thrive to date. One of the main reasons why it has been widely criticized by some is due to its significant impact on the overall performance of a player's character. It has already grown to a point where it's an understatement to say that the Legendary artifacts are essential to one's character. Simply put, if a player doesn't own the right to a legendary, that character would ultimately underperform as compared to the one that has had that item.

With the community's uproar with regards to the Legendary System and how it affects the game entirely, it appears that Blizzard has finally heeded to the yearnings of the many and gave what the crowd has been asking for - increasing the drop rates of the Legendary Items.

World of Warcraft: Legendary Drop Rates Increased

In order to solve the concurrent issues in the game, Blizzard finally announced that they're making direct changes to the drop rates of all Legendary Items. In the official thread, Ornyx, the game's community manager, said that: "As many players have figured out, changes were made to legendary drop rates with patch 7.1 and patch 7.1.5 - when those patches went live, your chance to receive a Legendary increased in pretty much all cases. What you might not have noticed is that we've been steadily increasing your chances since then."

One of the main goals of the change is for players to be able to switch specific Legendary items in and out during specific situation where it is needed - not simply to be the sole item worn by the player. For those that didn't know, one of Blizzard's initiatives is to make a distinct disparity between each class' legendary items whilst still making them quite on par with each other.

In our previous report, Blizzard detailed their plans about making huge changes with the current legendary items and making them a lot more distinct from one another; stating that they will be buffing "situational" legendaries in order to make them feel even more valuable during such situations. This means that whilst a particular legendary item is great at all around PvE, the other legendary item may outshine it during situations where it is essentially needed.

Now, the recent changes in the drop rates of legendary items are to enable players to maximize their characters using different legendary items on a given instance. On the flipside, however, it should be worth noting that the drop rate of the first Legendary item is still significantly higher than the subsequent ones, meaning that Blizzard is still incorporating the old Bad Luck Protection mechanics in the game. But there's good news, according to Ornyx, "We didn't want you to feel as though your good fortune in the past equates to harder times in the future, so we normalized drop chances for subsequent Legendaries after your second."

Ultimately, Blizzard finally increased the drop rates of all Legendary items be it the chance of obtaining your first or your second, third and so on. Lastly, Ornyx has explicitly stated that once you have obtained your third Legendary, the rate of obtaining the subsequent legendary (fourth, fifth and so on) will be the same. Check back for more World of Warcraft news!

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