World Of Warcraft News: Legendary Items Will Soon Have Major Balance Changes

One of the staple and predominant factors in achieving the apex of your character's potential in World of Warcraft Legion is to obtain the "best" Legendary as early as possible. This is one of the reasons why Legion has mixed criticisms from the community especially for those that are only capable of dedicating a handful of time for the game - or are just simply unlucky.

But do not dismay as Blizzard is now addressing the current issues about the Legendary System and are making progress in introducing major balance changes across all Legendary items in the hopes of evening out the disparity among them.

World of Warcraft Update: Upcoming Legendary Changes on PTR

Today, the community manager of WoW recently addressed the issues with the Legendary System on the community thread and said that the developers are already on the work for an upcoming balance changes with all the Legendary items.

Lore, the WoW community manager stated: "As we mentioned this during the live Q&A last week, we feel the biggest shortcoming of the current Legendary system is that, for some specs, there are some items that are clearly better than others in nearly all situations. As a result, players who have received a different Legendary item feel unlucky, as they didn't receive the "best" one."

The World of Warcraft manager wasn't wrong when he said that some items perform better than the others in virtually almost all situations - making players feel unlucky and inferior when they weren't able to obtain the desired BiS item. In order to fully address this issue, the developers will nerf the Legendary items that provide a boost in overall performance (BiS Legendary) while buffing the other "situational" Legendaries in order to make them feel even more valuable during such situations.

Other Changes

Aside from the major changes on World of Warcraft Legendary items, the community manager also said that once the new balance changes on the items took place, more class tuning will then be followed up in order to create a more balance environment for players to enjoy - both PvP and PvE.

What do you think the new World of Warcraft update will stabilize the current Legendary System? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

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