World Of Warcraft Legendary Items' Drop Rates Explained; How Obtaining A New Legendary Takes Double The Effort From The Previous Loot

Legion has received mix criticisms thanks to its Legendary system especially for those that are playing certain classes that are dependent on their Legendaries but are only capable of dedicating a limited amount of time on the game. Today, we're going to debunk the rough estimate on the Legendary Items' Drop Rates and explain the amount of effort it needs to obtain a Legendary.

World of Warcraft Legendary Items' Drop Rates

A thread from MMO-Champion shows a chart that contains the rough estimate of the Legendary Drop Rates which were tallied from 8785 characters. The data shows the amount of KP (Kill Points) needed in order to obtain your first Legendary up to the fourth one. Here's the full spreadsheet about the data.

Based on the data, the average KP in obtaining your first Legendary is 194. But upon obtaining your first one, the KP needed to get the next Legendary is more than doubled. This is one of the main reasons why some players are re-leveling an alt of the same class as their main if they didn't get the BiS Legendary for their class which can be seen on the Reddit thread here.

To put this in retrospect, for classes that are greatly dependent on their BiS Legendary to dish out as much potential from their class as possible, re-leveling an alt may sound a lot simpler than getting 3x the difficulty of obtaining your BiS Legendary in the long run - since the amount of effort needed to take on the next Legendary is incrementing every Legendary loot.

The Solution?

The essence of the post is for Blizzard to divulge the Drop Rates of Legendary Items including where they actually drop from (highest chance, etc.) as well as the significant impact of Bad Luck Protection. For those of you that didn't know, Bad Luck protection is introduced in the system in order to increase the odds of obtaining a Legendary drop once you've failed to obtain one from your previous attempts. It's supposed to work as a pseudorandom number generator but to some players, it doesn't seem to work properly.

What do you think of the Legendary Item Drop Rates? Do you think Blizzard has to disclose everything regarding the drop rate system? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

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