Suda51 Talks About How He Would Make A Mario Game

Goichi Suda or Suda51 the creator of No More Heroes and Killer7 recently shared his vision for the creation of a Super Mario game where the plumber embarks on a mission to rescue Luigi with Bowser helping him. When asked how he would come about making a Super Mario game, Suda51 noted how Mario was usually rescuing Peach. Suda51 thinks that for his game, Mario would be rescuing Luigi instead of Peach.

Suda elaborates that the game will have a really bad guy kidnap Luigi. Mario teams up with Koopa who Mario becomes friends with and they set off on a mission to save Luigi. He explained that the game will be like a road movie in a car. The pair would go from south to north and will go through it. He thinks that it would be great to make a Mario game like that.

He also joked that he would maybe tone down the blood a little bit. Suda’s Grasshopper Manufacture studio is known for making mature-rated games. The studio does not shy away from intense violence and gore, as reported by IGN.

Unfortunately for fans who are interested in Suda’s game concept, it is not likely that it will ever materialize. The next Super Mario game which is entitled Super Mario Odyssey which is a title for the Nintendo Switch looks like it is sticking to the franchise’s usual storyline. Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach and Mario going off an adventure to save the princess and restore order to the Mushroom Kingdom.

It is possible, however, that fans would see elements of Super Mario find its way into Suda51’s M-rated video games on Nintendo Switch. Nintendo seems to not oppose letting its characters appear in video games that are M-rated to some capacity. Fans saw this happen in Bayonetta 2 which is an exclusive game for Wii U, as reported by GameRant.

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