Developers Discuss Building Horizon: Zero Dawn World In New Trailer

With Horizon: Zero Dawn’s release scheduled in less than a week, fans of the PlayStation 4 exclusive are counting down on the remaining days until the Guerrilla Games action RPG makes its way into retail stores. The studio behind the project decided to put out a new trailer that offers details about the developers building the environments and settings for the sprawling new game.

In the video, game fans are given a concise idea on how the game’s setting was created. Guerrilla Games Managing Director Herman Hulst explains that he and his team wanted to build a beautiful game from the outset. It required them to pay closer attention to the environments surrounding Aloy, the game’s protagonist, on her journeys. Hulst explained that one of the team’s visions for the game was to do a kind of Planet Earth BBC documentary form of game.

Mathijs de Jonge said that Guerrilla Games was required to improve the engine supporting the title to enable Horizon: Zero Dawn to run smoothly without compromising lush visuals. The company used the Decima Engine so as to have it render the huge open landscapes without being hindered. De Jonge confirmed that with the graphics being so consistent, fans will not encounter load screens when traversing across different terrains.

De Jonge said that the game is seamless and there will never be a loading screen. In the trailer, Guerrilla Games also confirmed that they had recorded nearly 15 hours of dialogue with motion capture to make Aloy and other characters look as realistic as possible. Fans should anticipate to take tons of in-game shots and screen captures of Aloy and NPCs with Horizon: Zero Dawn’s photo mode, as published by GameRant.

Horizon: Zero Dawn launches on Feb. 28 in North America and March 1 in Europe. Last week, Sony talked about how the new title has the potential to become a franchise for the company. Sony also believes that the game’s protagonist, Aloy, could become a Sony icon in the future as reported by GameSpot.

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