Overwatch New Character Teased In Recent Post

Blizzard Entertainment is building up for a reveal of a new hero for Overwatch. The Interview with Efi was posted on the Overwatch website. It is unknown however if Efi will be the next hero for Overwatch or if it's something that Efi has built, being an expert in robotics and artificial intelligence.

In the interview, Efi describes how she started in robotics and how she used to make drones then robots to help out with her daily chores when she was smaller. The interview ends with Efi stating that she is working on a secret project, using funds from a grant that she received. Some players conclude that maybe Efi will not be fighting on the battlefield herself but instead will use robots while she controls them from a safe distance.

Jeff Kaplan, game director of Overwatch, said last year prior to the reveal of Sombra that the development team has at least one hero prototype. Kaplan later revealed that the team was working on developing multiple new heroes for Overwatch although not all will successfully make it to the game.

The past week, speculations from fans were curbed. Those hoping that Doomfist will be the next playable character to make it to Overwatch may have to wait for some other time as Kaplan noted in the game’s forum stating that it is not who gamers think it is. Fans were hoping that Terry Crews would voice Doomfist.

From the launch of the game in May, Blizzard has released two additional characters for the title. Ana, the support sniper was officially introduced in July. The next character was Sombra who was released in November, as published by Polygon.

The release date for the new character has yet to be announced by Blizzard. The game company admitted that there are several characters that are in the works. Blizzard also has some very major changes developing that players can try out on the public test realm right now, as reported by GameSpot.

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