'Alien: Covenant' Prologue 'Last Supper' Shows The Calm Before The Grisly Fume

The production of the movie Alien Covenant has been a long, rough, and nail-gritting ride. If this is true, this is not good for us. Like the Prometheus, this might conclude it and is ready to gross us out and scare off our soul at the same time. Back in December, this film promised a pretty kick-ass storyline as the title said so.

For just less than three months away, the marketing department is going into full throttle. Just this moment, we got a picture of the entire cast gathered together and ready for their mission. Now, 20th Century Fox has posted the prologue clip for the film.

The Crew

The footage is taken with the crew of the Covenant, a group that's about to go on a space search to find a paradise - an exoplanet that might fit as second Earth. As you can imagine how the story goes, things won't go as planned for our space hikers. Watch the clip below.

Right from there and then, it's evidently courageous how Alien: Covenant shifted its efforts for the reboot of the soft-sequel adaptation of #Prometheus closer to the Alien saga. The prologue gives us a very similar space and feeling to its origin movie "Alien". The only difference is that, the crew's collaboration. In the clip below, you can see the team members are incredibly close and friendly and even diversified in nature as they included "gay relationship."

"I couldn't take a better bunch of jerks to get marooned on a distant planet with." On a different angle, the team in the very first movie was always a whisker away from killing each other, a thrilling dynamics that helped give the iconic movie such an unnerving and bleak vibe.

Alien: Covenant Will Give Audience Chills

This difference takes a huge hike for Covenant. It's paying tribute to what the origin story came before but still putting its own spin on it. With such a group of characters and different ambiance in nature, it gives us a better connection with them - which in turn makes it more painful to know that they are too distant to call for help. Well, we'll find out that sooner once Alien: Covenant hits cinemas on May 19.

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