‘Alien Covenant’ Spoilers, News And Updates: Michael Fassbender Teases About The Origins of Neomorph, A New Alien Specie

A report from IGN indicated that the movie studio of "Alien Covenant" has a Twitter post celebrating the 79th birthday of Ridley Scott, the director of the movie. The image posted on the social media site displayed a mysterious creator beside Scott. A lot of fans will be familiar with this creature.

They Were Supposedly The Creators Of Man

They knew it as the mysterious Space Jockey. This creature was first seen in the very first "Alien" movie in 1979 that was also directed by Scott himself. It was a very elusive creature before it finally showed itself in "Prometheus," the prequel to the "Alien" movie franchise. This creature will also be seen in "Alien Covenant."

This creature belongs to a group called the Engineers. According to Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) in the prequel to "Alien Covenant," they belong to a race that was the supposed creators of mankind. They are big humanoids that have also experimented on the black goo where the Xenomorphs originated.

Michael Fassbender, who plays the android in "Prometheus" and its sequel, has supposedly revealed some hints about the Xenomorphs in an interview he gave on Radio 2 of BBC. He appears to have revealed the name of the latest Xenomorphs in "Alien Covenant." In his interview, Fassbender gave the name "Neomorphs."

The Neomorphs Are More Lethal

This side remark has led a lot of websites speculating that Fassbender has disclosed the name of the Xenomorphs that will be seen in "Alien Covenant." However, it was later revealed that he was just talking about the original aliens in the first "Alien" films made by Scott. "With Alien [my parents] allowed me to watch it and I just remember seeing where the Neomorph, or whatever that creature is, burst out of John Hurt's stomach," said Fassbender.

So, he was actually talking about the first "Alien" movie. However, there are also reports that say the Neomorphs were spawned differently from the old Xenomorphs which makes them more lethal. Fans will have to wait for the movie's release to know if these rumors are true or not.

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