For Honor Anti-Cheat System: Innocent Players Getting Banned

The recently released Ubisoft title For Honor has a very stringent anti-cheat system. Unfortunately, in Ubisoft’s campaign against cheaters for its new multiplayer combat title, apparently, innocent players are getting tagged by the system and many players are getting banned incorrectly. For Honor players are now speaking up against the overtly reactive anti-cheat action.

Complaints from players are popping up and getting more frequent. Gamers claimed that they are issued a 0006000043 error code and are getting booted out from matches. This code is related to the EasyAntiCheat system which is reportedly banning innocent players.

The problem with the game’s anti-cheat system goes back to the game’s beta. Tweaks have been made to the EasyAntiCheat system but it is still causing issues for many players even with Ubisoft’s attempt to solve the problem with a patch to fix the anti-cheat system. Ubisoft attempted to fix the system by adjusting the EasyAntiCheat sensitivity as well as posting a troubleshoot process in aid of players incorrectly banned by the system.

However, it is clear that the fix is not quite working out as planned. There are still numerous players who are complaining about being banned unfairly by the program. The cause of the error has not yet been identified but there are theories that the bans are caused by players using the Xpadder controller which may violate Ubisoft’s ban on macro programs.

However, other players claimed that they were not even using Xpadder when they were unceremoniously kicked out of matches by the game’s anti-hack system. Ubisoft is currently working on how to curb the system’s high sensitivity. The company is looking into ways to adjust the EasyAntiCheat and fix the problem as reported by GameRant.

For Honor has been riddled with technical issues since its launch. These issues ranged from critical server lag to redemption codes for Gold or Deluxe edition owners. The game For Honor is skill-heavy and any cheater that manage to slip through the game’s anti-cheat system could potentially poison the game’s community as published by Kotaku.

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