Here's Another Interesting Clue For The Next Overwatch Hero

Most Overwatch players believe that the next hero coming to the game is no other than Doomfist. Heck, they're even confident that actor Terry Crews will be the voice behind it. Surprisingly, this has changed over the course of days. Blizzard gradually released some hints, suggesting that the new hero isn't actually the aforesaid. And now, a new teaser seems to further prove who the next character will be -- Efi Oladele, that is.

The official Twitter account of Overwatch shared an image that seems to suggest the very existence of the upcoming hero. On it is a message that says: "[BREAKING] OR15 defense units destroyed in a confrontation with unidentified assailant at Numbani airport. No civilian casualties reported." While it may not be obvious at first, players have discovered very interesting details.

It's worth noting that the studio has already introduced Efi Oladele to the Overwatch community. She's an 11-year-old kid known for being a great inventor. She received a recognition from the Adawe Foundation for the "impressive achievements" she did on the field of robotics and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

In the above-mentioned image, the supposed Overwatch hero already mentioned OR15s. The latter are the very same units mentioned in the character interview, as featured on the game's official blog. The hero states that she wants to create things that'll help make the lives of much better. That one day, in one way or another, she'll build something that helps them keep safe. Here, she mentions the said units as an epitome.

It holds true that this could mean something for the next Overwatch hero. However, some players believe that Blizzard might up to something huge. For instance, the studio may resort to releasing one of her robots instead of the actual Efi Oladele. Or, if anything else, it could be both. While either way is still an interesting thing to look forward to, this will soon be unveiled.

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