Here's An Interesting Theory About The Next Overwatch Hero

There has been so much hype going on in Overwatch. It's basically about the next possible hero developer Blizzard might introduce. At first, players believe that it's going to be Doomfist. Heck, they even think that actor Terry Crews will be the one voicing the character. Apparently though, it seems the studio is looking to take things differently. And yeah, it's a really different one.

According to Kotaku, the studio revealed some clues about what sort of hero the next Overwatch character could be. This was done by unveiling a new type of lore that somehow relates to the supposed hero. It's named Efi Oladele, who is believed to be an old inventor. He reportedly hails from Numbani and is deemed to be 11 years old.

The interesting part here is the possibility of the said Overwatch hero to be on a spider-like robot. It's called Anchora. And if this proves to be true, then it's still under the radar of rumors about the hero being a tank. This is really thought provoking, most especially that there are actually clues in the past that the studio introduced.

Sure, this claim about the next Overwatch hero may be a speculation; however, it doesn't necessarily have to be senseless. Why? That's because there have been countless clues and proofs, suggesting about the very existence of the new character. For instance, the spider robot has appeared as one of the images in the story video for Sombra and her origin. It's located in the lower left hand corner, just next to the gauntlet owned by Doomfist.

Moreover, several images of the aforementioned Overwatch character can be seen in promotional photos released by Blizzard. One of these have also appeared in the background of the panels during the BlizzCon event last year. Apart from that, the latest is being the DICE Summit presentation from the studio. If players are to look closely, these images -- if not entirely similar -- are close to one another.

Some Overwatch fans believe that Anchora could actually be the next hero, contrary to what others thought to be (Doomfist). Enthusiasts also suggest that the character has an accent similar to that of the West African. Heck, even Jeff Kaplan himself somehow gave clue -- this is basically his revelation about the next hero being not what players "think it is."

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