Exercise Benefits For Postmenopause Noted

By Rodney Rafols , Feb 27, 2017 02:40 AM EST

Exercise benefits people of any age. It adds to the benefits of nutrition in many ways. Exercise benefits for postmenopause have been noted as well, as a study states.

Exercise is a good way to slow down the effects of aging. This has been proven time and again by studies as well as experiences by people who are into fitness. For women who are into the early stages of postmenopause, exercise is a good way to lessen the effects of oestrogen loss.

Oestrogen is lost in women who are into the postmenopause stage. Oestrogen is a hormone that has effects on muscles and blood vessels for women. Earlier studies have said that there is little to no benefit of women exercising at the postmenopausal stage.

However, the study made by Professor Hellsten from the University of Copenhagen has shown that exercise can still benefit women at the postmenopausal stage. The study also shows that the effects of exercise on different stages of menopause should be taken into context. For the study, 36 women participated in it.

The women who participated were either in the premenopausal or postmenopausal stages. Their age ranges were not far part either, according to Science Daily. The women then had to through 12 weeks of training which consisted of high intensity cycling.

During the study, Professor Hellsten and her colleagues looked at the muscles and blood vessels of the women. Tissue samples from the thigh were also taken. The study has shown that exercise have benefits as well for postmenopausal women.

More research which would also involve more people would have to be made in order to validate the findings made during the study, as Medical Xpress reports. Michael Nyberg is the frist author of the study. He has said that more studies would have to be made as to why women in the early postmenopausal stage are more sensitive to physical activity.

Exercise benefits all people. This is true for any age. Exercise benefits for postmenopause women have been noted. Stroke care is given much faster to men than women, as a study finds.

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