The Most Notorious Differences Between The New Nokia 3310 And The Original

New Nokia 3310 Vs Original Nokia 3310
One of the main differences between the original Nokia 3310 and the new version is the battery life, given the fact that the latest comes with a 1,200 mAh battery. Photo : TechRadar/YouTube

The Nokia 3310 has been one of the most popular phones ever made by the Finnish company, thanks to several specs and features that were quite incredible at its time. Considering that the brand is making a major comeback to the smartphone business, it decided to release a new version of this phone, with some differences that customers will definitely love. 


The classic Nokia 3310's main virtue was the battery´s duration and its remarkable resistance evidenced by torture tests that we can see in YouTube videos.

However, its connectivity was practically non-existent, since the original Nokia 3310 only featured 2G GSM connectivity on the 900MHZ and 1800MHz bands. Although this was quite innovative at its moment, this doesn't represent anything when compared with the connectivity that mobile devices offer today.

In order to mesmerize the customers' minds and play with their emotions, the Finnish company released a new version of the Nokia 3310 with a few options afforded by the wireless technology that we see today. The list includes an FM radio -with its headphone jack- Bluetooth and an incredible micro SD slot. Naturally, there´s no Wi-Fi on this handset, and the connectivity is limited to 2.5G.


As everyone knows, Finnish company Nokia was the main player in the phone market before the release of the first iPhone, given the fact that the reign of smartphones started at this point and Nokia didn't know how to adapt to these new changes. However, even when the original Nokia 3310 was proving its excellence during its heydays, the phone´s popularity started to decrease a couple of years later. This is due to the fact that almost every new handset launched has thrilling cameras, and this one didn't have any.

Naturally, the inclusion of this feature was something that set a turning point in the phone business. Customers loved the opportunity of shooting photos with their handsets.  However, the company has included a 2MP camera to the new version, and even when it won´t match the quality of the greatest smartphones, it will come with a LED flash and digital zoom.


The original Nokia 3310 featured an interface characterized for being extremely simplified which allowed users to access games, messages, calls and setting by hitting the blue menu button and navigate through the options with the directional keys. Of course, there weren't a lot you could do with this mobile phone beyond texting and calling people.

On the other hand, the new Nokia 3310 features the Nokia Series 30+ operating system that can be found on a number of Nokia feature phones, which provides a better way of navigating the handset´s menus. Believe it or not, a 3x3 tile menu provides a quicker access to call, logs, contacts, messages, calculator, photos and the almighty Snake, which is included in this device. However, this classic game will be in a slightly more glitzy affair that doesn't boast the basic appeal of the phone´s Snake II.

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