‘Dragon Ball Super' Alert: Six Angels Waiting To Fight; The First God Of Destruction Revealed

By Dez Bryant , Mar 01, 2017 03:20 AM EST

Fresh from the epic battle between Gohan and Lavender, Omni-King and The Grand Priest provided some interesting rules that are very puzzling even to the Gods Of Destruction. It seems that the Angels know something that their Gods should have known a long time ago.

Before the final fight between Universe 7 and Universe 9 started, the Grand Priest Daishinkan called the attention of the 12 Universe. According to Daishinkan, there will be new rules and stipulation in the Tournament of Power. Initially, the rule is to wipe out the Universe who will lose in the battle. However, there are slight changes in the rule but it has a big impact on everybody. Apparently, for the losing Universe, everybody will be wipe out except for their corresponding Angels. This caused a major stir among the God Of Destruction and they were absolutely shocked with what they’ve heard.

The Six Missing Angels In The Universe

Remember when Whis stated in the previous episodes that there used to be 18 Universe? Well, it seems that the Omni-King didn’t destroy everything in those 6 Universe. There’s an ongoing debate right now in various “Dragon Ball Super” page about the rules that were laid out. If the Angels are exempted with the destruction of their Universe, where are the 6 Angels from the previously destroyed Universe?

As always, famed YouTubers and renowned ‘Dragon Ball Super” expert have their own take on a certain topic. But surprisingly, they have the same idea about those 6 missing Angels. They have a notion that those 6 Angels are disguising as fighters from Universe 1, 5, 8, and 12. If their theory is right, Goku and Universe 7 should not only fear Universe 11 but also, the four strongest Universe in the tournament.

The First God Of Destruction Named

The very first God of Destruction was also examined by Geekdom and his name is Lord Luud From Dragon Ball GT. Geekdom was able to pinpoint some important details and was able to question on how is he related with Mosco, the God Of Destruction for Universe 3. It seems that Toyotaro has more hidden gems about this episodic show.

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