Horizon Zero Dawn Tips And Tricks: The Best Skills To Unlock First

Horizon: Zero Dawn has just been released, and now, eagerly waiting players and fans have the chance to try the highly acclaimed title from Guerrilla Games. As a result, a large amount of players would struggle to get a grip on the game's style and pace, so this article would be listing down the best skills to unlock at the beginning of Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Best Skills To Unlock Early On

RPG Site explains that the skills are divided into three branches namely Brave, Prowler and Forager. The Brave tree increases the impact of the player's skills, the Prowler tree is all about the player's combat abilities, while the Forager Tree enhances the player's looting and crafting skills.

According to ShackNews , there are several skills that a player should prioritize to unlock so that they won't have that much of a hard time with the game or getting accustomed to it. First up is Silent Strike, the skill allows the player to deal damage to an enemy while staying undetected.

Next is Concentration, this skill slows down time, allowing the player to aim their bows at an opponent or at an exact area of a target. This skill would also come in handy if a player is detected as the slowing down of time would give the player a chance to aim their weapons and get a headshot.

Critical Hit is important as it is a skill that deals additional damage to the enemy and would always be helpful in an encounter, more so if the player is in a melee fight. This would also prove useful when players are not able to do a silent strike when sneaking, having critical hit would enable the player to deal massive damage at the start of the encounter.

Lastly, the Gatherer, having this skill earlier on allows the player to hoard materials that they can use later on for whatever they need. Regardless if it is for capacity upgrades or ammo crafting, as both relies on materials.

Other Notable Skills

Under the Prowler tree, the Silent Drop skill allows the player to remain completely silent when they jump on or fall from a platform. This would help in sneaking around enemies, as it lets players navigate the area without being discovered. Also in this skill tree is Dodge Prowess, the skill allows the player to evade any enemy as they attack. On the Brave tree, Fast Reload is another notable skill that increases the player's reload speed while using Concentration, thus allowing the player to make more shots.

Lastly, there are three prominent skills on the Forager tree. First is Lure Call, it allows the player to lure enemies by making a quick whistle call, allowing for an easy kill. Next is Herbalist, this skill doubles the player's medicine pouch capacity allowing more times that the player can heal himself or herself. Lastly, Disarm Traps gives the ability to disarm the traps players have set, so it can be used at another time.

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