Bungie Will Nerf Sidearms and More In the Coming Update For Destiny

In the latest patch of Destiny, Bungie tried to change how PVP works to reinvigorate the mode, and allow players to try different setups and strategies. However, with the sudden changes to the PVP, some other imbalances seemed to have appeared. This time, Bungie mentioned future changes to the game including other metas that were not dealt with in the patch.

Changes That Bungie Plans On

In an article by Sogogames, Due to Bungie reworking the Special Ammo in PVP, the use of Sidearms rose to the top. Players started with Special Ammo and are able to stockpile Special Ammo per kill. This feature in the patch not only propelled Sidearms into a top priority in PVP, but it also made it meta. However, with Bungie announcing its plans for the future of Destiny, this feature of Special Ammo would be changed that the starting ammo of a Sidearm will be reduced along with lowering the carryover ammo.

According to Gamerant, that's not all there is to Bungie's plans as it has several other items and skills that the company plans on changing. One of these is The Memory of Skorri artifact, and that it has been causing problems to players even before the latest patch was released. Players who have the artifact are able to relax while building up their super. This made the game extremely easy for players but for others, this would cause quite a bit of frustration. However, Bungie plans to change this in such a way that players need to kill another player first before they can activate the artifact and that its charging would only last for 60 seconds.

Loaded Up On Other Changes And Additional Features

Bungie realizes the significance of the weapon, Truth, to players. This rocket launcher has the ability to home in on the target. However, there are instances that players lose a rocket which means further reduction on an already limited ammo. So to balance this out, the company plans to put in an additional slot for a rocket in the player's inventory and will also increase the reload speed of the weapon.

Other changes would include that the No Land Beyond sniper rifle would now flinch, making it like any weapon in its class. And lastly, Bungie realized that it had nerfed the Blink ability too much, that at this point, they plan on removing the Old Recovery Nerf and are reducing the HUDless time by a bit.

These planned changes will also join the Health Regen Perks fixes that was announced before. As of the moment, there is no announcement yet from Bungie when these changes will go live, so players may still be able to enjoy the features brought by the latest patch for a little bit more time.

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