CIA Alien Hunters Reveal Contact With "Tall Shadow People From Mars"

A shocking revelation from previously top secret record reveals that CIA alien hunters have made contact with a race of "very tall and thin shadow people" from Mars. Transcripts released from a CIA declassified data dump tells of one session between a government agent and an unnamed clairvoyant. According to analysis of the transcripts, the clairvoyant claims that he can see "very large people" in strange clothing who are living in a network of "pyramids" in the Red Planet.

The details of the experiment in the CIA transcript is dated May 22, 1984, at 10.09am. During this period in time, psychics were commonly employed by the US Government. It was during the Cold War when CIA had operations that used the help of psychics such as the Stargate Project, founded in 1978.

In the transcript, the CIA alien hunter sets up an experiment where he writes down details of what they wanted to know in a sealed envelope which was given to the subject, However, the envelope will be opened only after the interview. In the transcript, written inside the sealed envelope was: Mars, one million years BC, and some geographic coordinates.

The psychic then used his "powers" to ascertain the information in the envelope and narrate to the agent what he could see. "I am seeing, it is like a perception of a shadow of people, very tall, thin, it is only a shadow," the psychic says in the transcript. The clairvoyant keeps on saying that he sees very large people who appear thin and tall, and wearing some kind of strange clothes, the Daily Star.

The CIA agent who is alien hunting tells the mind reader to "report the raw data, do not try and put things together". At the closing of the interview, the psychic claims to make contact with one of the Martians. He says that the Martians are ancient, dying, and are looking for ways to survive.

The Stargate Project was shutdown in 1995 and the government-endorsed psychics have never been verified. According to the Wired, another mysterious document titled My First Contact with Friends from Space, with the subtext UFO Nachricheter which translates to UFO Messenger in German, was also unearthed. The emergence of these documents has generated interest among online conspiracists.

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