Stuffed-Animal Sleepovers Help Kids To Read

Stuffed animals can be part of a kid's comfort zone. Kids sleep better with stuffed animals with them. Stuffed animals might have more to them than just helping kids sleep. Stuffed animals sleepovers help kids to read.

A study has found that sending stuffed animals to libraries could help children read. Having stuffed animals in sleepovers can also help children in reading better. The study has found that children have improved reading even after sleepover with stuffed animals with them.

The research has been made by researchers coming from Okayama University, Kanazawa University, Osaka Institute of Technology and Kyushu University. Programs with stuffed animals sleepovers are made so that kids might be more interested in reading. These programs use picture books to help children in reading.

The stuffed animals sleepovers are done in many preschools worldwide. However, there has been no study done so far on how effective having stuffed animals have with reading. The study is the first to look into the effect that stuffed animals have on children's reading.

Lead author Dr. Yoshihiro Okazaki is a researcher from Okayama University. He has said that the study wants to find out what the effect of having stuffed animals have on reading for children. He has observed that children with stuffed animals would soon read to their stuffed animals as well. Reading is an important step in the development of kids, according to Science Daily.

One of the libraries in New Jersey has the stuffed animals sleepover program for some time. West Orange Library has the stuffed animals sleepover program for four years now, as CNN reports. Kids still like the program. Kids all the way to the second grade still go to it and still look forward to the sleepover.

If there are no programs in an area, William Teale, President of the International Literacy Foundation, has said that parents should help in reading books with their kids. This will facilitate in making kids be interested in reading. Reading daily and pairing it with an activity or a toy can make children more interested in reading.

Reading is important for children. This would help them learn more later on. Stuffed animals sleepovers help kids to read. A study shows that teens drive more carefully after an accident.


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