Overwatch Update: Here's Every Ability That Can Be Blocked By Orisa's Fortify

Overwatch has a new hero named as Orisa. This character's abilities can affect the game's state and buff the players' allies. It was emphasized that this can mess up the opponents' ability to incapacitate the team, especially if used appropriately.

She also has Fortify ability that stops any crowd-control type ability in its tracks. It is even impressive since she can act like a wall into Reinhardt's charge. The following are the full list of every effect Fortify stops - McCree's Flashbang, Pharah's Concussive Missile and Junkrat's Mine. Furthermore, Junkrat's Trap will not work also, even if fortify is activated after being trapped.

Meanwhile, Mei's Primary Fire and Ult will not freeze Orisa once her Fortify is active. However she can't utilize it to cancel the freeze once she is frozen completely. D.va's Boop will not work with Foritify. Also, Reinhardt's Charge and Roadhog's Hook would not work. Apparently, if there's two Orisa present in both teams, her Halt ability will not work with Fortify.

These are the other abilities that can be countered by Orisa's Fortify. Ana's Sleep Dart would not sleep Orisa even if she activates Fortify, but she can still use it to cancel the sleep. Lucio Boop, on the other hand, the knockback head in Roadhog's Ult will not work. However, the damage will be registered. On top of it, Fortify will also be reducing the damage that Orisa will take by 50 percent.

It can be seen that if a player that uses Ana or Mei catches an Orisa player off guard, they could be a good counter to Orisa. It is because they cannot use fortify to cancel CC effects especially if it has already begun. Pharah is also one of the counters to Orisa because her concussive missile will not have any effect, as what PVP Live has reported. The shield projector can only affect the attacks that will be coming directly at her and not above Pharah, as what she is known to do.


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