Blizzard Finally Reveals The Newest Hero In Overwatch And It Is Not Doomfist

Overwatch's players are excited to use either Doomfist or Efi Oladale but they were shocked when Blizzard revealed a different hero with the recently released patch. Also, there are major changes that happened with Bastion and Zarya.

It Is Time To Use Overwatch's Orisa

Blizzard is proud to announce that the 24th hero in the game is Orisa. According to Polygon, the 11-year-old prodigy from the Land of Numban, Efi Oladale, is responsible for the newest hero's creation. The developer described the hero as the mechanical peacekeeper.

Orisa belongs in the Tank class in Overwatch. Her main role in the game is to protect and to defend. Her weapon is called Fusion Driver that is very similar to a canon that can contribute big damage to her opponent. However, using the canon can slow her down.

As per GameSpot, the Fusion Driver has an alternate fire called Halt. The attack can slow down the players before they will explode. Her abilities are called Fortify and Protective Barrier. The former makes her immune to action-impairing effects while the latter can act as her shield.

Orisa's Ultimate is called Supercharger. Whenever she launches the device, the teammates' attack will be buffed but the enemies can destroy it. She also has her own set of emotes and skins. However, the new hero is only available for Overwatch in PC.

Other Updates In Overwatch

Not only did Blizzard introduce a new hero but also released a patch to update Bastion and Zarya. According to PCGamesN, the former can now take less 20 percent damage and when he is Sentry form, has less 35 percent.

Zarya on the other hand, has better Particle Barrier. It means that when Lucio is attacking her, she can quickly activate her weapon. Her Projected Barrier also has the same effect. Mercy has a new commendation card that lets players track the damage she has done.

It seems that Overwatch's season four keeps getting better and better. Now, the players can use Orisa and eventually can be their favorite and can be their hero in placement rankings. And for the newly nerfed heroes, hopefully the game will be balanced compared before.

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