Tinder Publicly Bans Abusive User

By Justin Lee , Mar 04, 2017 03:00 AM EST

Tinder recently banned an allegedly racist man from its platform and the company released an open letter directed towards the abusive user. On Wednesday, Tinder Communication and Branding VP Rosette Pambakian said that she personally felt offended by the man who verbally assaulted a woman on the dating app. Apparently, the said man dropped some racist terms and called a woman some unpleasant labels when the latter stopped responding to his messages.

The female victim had the conversation posted on Facebook and multiple women came forward to say that they have had the same experience with the said man. With that, Tinder did the expected thing and infinitely banned the abusive user from the platform. The dating app has long allowed reporting and banning of abusive users. However, this case appears to be the first one that provoked Tinder's executive to comment on the matter.

The company's VP said that the words used by the man to the female victim was an assault not only to the woman but to "all of us." The executive continued to say that she will never understand why anyone would choose to spread hate. Additionally, she emphasized that people don't have that choice on Tinder. Pambakian said that the company wants to loudly and clearly send a message that they cannot tolerate such abusive behavior on the dating platform.

Moreover, the executive encouraged Tinder users to immediately report abusive behavior so that the company can quickly remove the abusers from the platform. As for the banned user who went viral on Facebook, Pambakian said that she hopes the man has now learned that this kind of behavior has consequences. The VP then said that the user should clean his act up in the future, as per The Guardian's report.

Needless to say, while this may be the first time that Tinder publicly revealed that it banned someone from the platform, the company has long implemented its anti-abuse policies. These are all specified under the app's terms of service. Any offensive, obscene, abusive, profane, racially offensive, or threatening material among many others is not allowed to be posted on Tinder.

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