Nintendo Switch Sold Out, Pre-Orders Not Coming, Joy-Cons Not Connecting, And Other Issues

The Nintendo Switch is finally out and with the excitement comes a number of issues. Stocks quickly sold out in stores while some pre-orders haven't arrived yet. The most disturbing problem is concerned with the Joy-Cons.

Nintendo Switch Sold Out In Stores

As many feared, the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch has sold out. Websites like NowInStock, Brickseek and ZooLert all show that the Switch is no longer available at Best Buy, GameStop, ToysRUs, Newegg, Amazon, and Target. In fact, the last Switch console was sold before 6 p.m. courtesy of Walmart. The only available stocks listed in the sites are being sold on eBay for as much as $700 including a "Zelda Breath of the Wild" game. Another eBay seller is offering a lot of 5 Nintendo Switch consoles for $2,299. The seller also claims he has 18 units available.

Unsurprisingly, the current dilemma is reminiscent of the lack of NES Classic Edition. Those still interested may want to do what successful NES Classic Mini hunters did and stalk websites sites that help locate stocks.

Some Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders Not Met

Some of those who placed their orders beforehand were not so lucky, as well. Reports are trickling in saying a number of pre-orders have not been met or, at least, not yet. Some of those who pre-ordered through Amazon, for example, are getting "preparing for shipment" statuses instead of tracking codes from the online retailer.

When asked, an employee for a particular branch of Amazon indicated that their stock hasn't arrived yet at the time and was likely not to arrive at all. In another instance, an Amazon Live Chat representative reportedly told at least one customer that the stocks were delayed and to make up for the blunder, the company offered a $50 promo certificate to be added to the customer's account. Another customer relayed that Amazon said that the Switch would be arriving on March 7 or even later.

Joy-Con Connectivity Issues

Kotaku got a word that some new Nintendo Switch owners are having some difficulty with their Joy-Con controllers. In particular, the left Joy-Con supposedly is supposedly not connecting or syncing with the device. According to reports, the controller becomes unresponsive when the Switch is in TV mode and there is an obstruction between the Joy-Con and the console.

Some of those who experienced this issue shared their concerns on social network sites. A certain Twitter user mentioned that the Joy-Con "gets a bit spotty" when he use the left Joy-Con behind his back. Another said his Switch was stuck at startup while another Switch owner claimed that the issue occurs when the Joy-Con's top end is pointed downwards.

Nintendo reached out and indicated that it is looking into the reports and will monitor the performances of both hardware and software in its effort to tackle what needs to be improved. However, the patch that was made available for the Nintendo Switch after the initial reports came out did not fix the issue for everyone.

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