Clash Royale Anniversary: 5 Amazing Facts!

On March 2 of last year, Clash Royale was globally launched on both Android and iOS devices. After which, it gained immense popularity especially from the community of Supercell's Clash of Clans. Despite the popular mobile titles in 2016, particularly of that of Niantic's Pokémon GO, the mobile strategy game has been consistently growing and raking in new fans over the months. And now with its first year anniversary, it is high-time to commemorate the acclaimed mobile app with a list of 5 Interesting Facts. So sit back and enjoy!

Fact 1: Pay Your Battles

During the early days of Clash Royale, players are required to pay gold in order to inquire for multiplayer battles and friendly battles. This was met with a lot of criticisms as it hindered the growth of many F2P players. This was then quickly changed by Supercell and made gold mainly used for upgrades instead.

Fact 2: Soft Launch

Although March 2 marked the release of Clash Royale globally, the game was soft launched way back in Jan. 4, 2016 on eight selected countries: Hong Kong, Canada, Sweden, Australia, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland and New Zealand. Some players, however, managed to obtain the game by changing their location.

Fact 3: Royale Giant

It's safe to say that Royale Giant is among one of the most popular cards in the game - especially for new players as the card can easily be obtained thanks to its rarity being Common. But before it was deemed as one of the best Common cards in the game, the Royale Giant used to be a very underwhelming card and many players aren't using the troop.

Supercell then decided to significantly buff the card in April, which increased the troop's attack range by 1 tile, basically outranging many defensive buildings in the game. Since then, the Royale Giant has been one of the most hated cards in the game, to date.

Fact 4: First Clash Royale Champion

In April 16, 2016, 200 participants have partaken in a competitive Clash Royale tournament held in Hesinki, Finland. The champion of the tournament was Jason, and he dominated the competition flawlessly using the Giant beatdown deck with a surprising twist (at that time), Elixir Collector. Many players were unfamiliar with the combination back then and so, Jason basically stomped his opponents using these overpowered cards. Since then, the Giant beatdown deck has been very popular in the top ladder.

Fact 5: Most Used Spell

Currently, the most used spell in the game is the Log. Although the Zap used to be one of the staple spells in the game, with the introduction of Goblin Gang and the recent patch update, which basically made Goblins withstand a direct hit from Zap, the Log is now the cheapest answer to these cards - making the spell the most used spell card in the game.


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