Clash Royale: Supercell Will No Longer Release New Cards Every 2 Weeks

Supercell has been very active in keeping its latest mobile app, Clash Royale, fresh and enticing for its community. One of the endearing aspects of the game is its scheduled card releases, which are set every 2 weeks. However, it appears that the studio is considering the total removal of this system as it had caused several issues in the past and may jeopardize the future of the game.

Clash Royale: Supercell's Take On Delivering New Cards

Supercell has announced their plans about the upcoming cards and how they are fixing the concurrent issues attributed to the constant release of new but "unbalanced" cards. According to Tim, one of Supercell's community staffs, the studio is thinking more about the bigger picture and the impact of new cards into the welfare and future of the game.

Tim explained: "Our current thinking is that we're going to aim for more of a 'when it's good and ready' approach to the card releases." "Having to release a new card every two weeks put a strain on the team to create genuinely interesting/fun and worthy of being in the game - and unfortunately has caused a few card releases to not be as polished as we would have liked," he followed.

It's apparent that the studio is planning on taking Clash Royale in a longer scale and realized that it would be much healthier for the game to release a fully tested card. This would take a considerable amount of time, rather than prematurely releasing new cards - to which the Executioner takes great precedence.

Fans' React To The Upcoming Change

In the Clash Royale subreddit, fans have received the announcement quite positively - pointing out how the studio has arduously kept the game growing and enjoyable for many and that how they picture the game in the years to come. While some feel that three to four weeks interval (per card) may be a long wait, they would rather prefer this change as it corresponds to a higher quality card releases.

Of all the milestones that Clash Royale has undertaken, this upcoming change would hopefully augment the current system to help it thrive as it treads through time. Check back for more Clash Royale News and Updates!

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