Clash Royale: Supercell Is Planning To Hold A Month-Long Event This March

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Clash Royale has hinted that players will enjoy a month-long celebration this March, including the highly anticipated March update. Photo : Orange Juice Gaming/Youtube

Clash Royale fans have a lot of reasons to celebrate next month as Supercell is planning to hold a month-long event this March. One of the most awaited updates to drop soon is the major balance changes including the various fixes on the Executioner. Furthermore, Supercell has teased that they will be pouring a grand anniversary celebration following the first update. Here is everything we know so far.

Clash Royale: Month-Long Event This March

In the Supercell forum, one of the community staff members, Tims had provided some hints regarding the upcoming events next month. In the thread, Tims had shed some light as to what and when the changes are to drop. According to him, "because we aren't able to ship the update before March 2 like originally planned, we'll instead have a modest anniversary celebration "thing" on March 2nd. But, a few more cool things will come throughout the month of March to make up for it - so kinda like a month-long anniversary celebration in a way."

Based on Tims' announcement, it's apparent that the expected major update has transformed into a much grander festivity. But it also hinted that while many are expecting for the huge balance update this coming March 2nd, it's clear that they will be moved to a much later date. Nonetheless, it's safe to say that March would be the grandest month for Clash Royale community. For those that didn't know here are the upcoming changes that are set to drop in the next big update:

Clash Royale: March Update

There have been countless rumors regarding the huge March update but neither one of them were actually supported by a reliable source and thus, we shall be detailing only those that were explicitly announced/stated by Supercell themselves. Here are some of the details regarding the huge patch update:

Balance Changes

As far as anyone is concern, Supercell has been actively promoting constant balance changes and the March update is no exception. Fans should expect another meta-changing update next month. For instance, the February had a minor patch update which has since given rise to the now-popular Poison Graveyard deck. This will hold true in the next balance changes especially with the "nerf" on the Executioner.

As we previously reported, according to Supercell, they will be fixing a myriad of bugs attributed to the Executioner. These changes are, but not limited to, as follows:
Fix a bug where axe resets the attack animation of troops upon hit. (Mini-stun). Damages troops behind him when axe returns. Fix a bug where his axe goes out of the arena and is stuck indefinitely. Additional 1 tick of damage occurs in front of him when his axe is fully extended.

'End Game' Fixes

In another Reddit post, one player commented how mundane the end game currently is, when viewed from an F2P player perspective. According to the poster, with the game inclining towards a more competitive manner, it shouldn't leave behind those that cannot fully commit to the game.

As the thread gained in popularity, Supercell staff then replied by saying: "solving the end game is our main focus in the next update. However, with this update, we're mainly looking to create goals for players at 4k Trophies and above - at least initially."

This hinted that aside from the balance update and the expected anniversary event, the month-long event this March will mark the huge change that is bound to happen in the game for the rest of its course. Some of the possible fixes for the end game issues can be found here. Note that these were not confirmed by Supercell just yet - but were gladly accepted as an idea for the next update.

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