Aliens Revealed: 3D Images Of Aliens Show How They Could Look Like

By Donna Bellevue , Mar 06, 2017 12:08 AM EST

3D images of aliens reveal what they actually look like, according to a doctor in Australia who works with an artist to depict a more realistic image of life in dwarf planets. Dr Brian Choo, from the School of Biological Sciences at Flinders University in Australia, works with artist Steven Grice to create a series of incredible 3D images of aliens. The results are not what we expect aliens would look like.

Sensitized by Hollywood depictions of intelligent life, we often think of aliens with gray skin, googly eyes, and humanoid features. However, the truth is, if aliens do exist in the new exoplanets of Trappist-1, they would look like nothing of what we often see on TV. Dr Choo believes that the planets would most likely be barren, and therefore, life that exists over there would have to compromise with its looks.

In his 3D images of aliens, it is revealed that the extraterrestrials would look more amphibian that human. NASA did confirm that they believe that the dwarf planets could support life, but resources would be scarce. In order to sustain life on the new planets, Dr Choo thinks that the aliens would have to adapt to the punishing conditions by evolving a protective shell to shield them from the sun’s intense heat, the Daily Star reports.

In addition, they would also have transparent skin which could capture light for energy. They would have strong front legs that would allow these strange creatures to burrow underground in search of food, their mouths located beneath its head to graze on plants growing on the planet’s surface. “The paddle-like tail and vestigial fins betray an aquatic larval stage in the cool lakes at the edge of the melting dark-zone glaciers,” Dr. Choo adds.

According to The Sun, the researcher also created images of alien plants that revealed they’re just as unusual as their alien counterparts. In the 3D images, plants can be seen with a propeller on top to help it catch the wind and fly long distances, allowing it to disperse its seed more effectively. Overall, Dr Choo believes that how the aliens would look is the product of the circumstances of their punishing habitat.

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