SETI Alien Hunters Listen For Extraterretrial Life In Trappist-1

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI) alien hunters look for signs of extraterrestrial life in Trappist-1, a newly discovered solar system, by listening to radio surveillance. With new exoplanets that are thought of capable hosting intelligent life, the institution has actually been monitoring the solar system for more than a year. They believe that by keeping an ear out for radio signals, alien contact might be finally possible.

So far, there has been no contact, but scientists say that their experiments are far from over. Watching the planets using The Allen Telescope Array (ATA), which is a “Large Number of Small Dishes” (LNSD) array, the technology is designed to be highly effective for simultaneous surveys undertaken for alien hunting projects. Right now, their main focus is on the seven planets in Trappist-1.

SETI alien hunters believe that since the new planets are close to each other, a life form created on one is likely to have spread to the others. Similar to our own planet, each planet is in the Goldilocks zone. This means that they are just far enough from their star to be not too hot, or too cold.

NASA has said that it was possible that sophisticated life could already be present across all the planets. Senior astronomer at SETI, Seth Shostak, writes in a blog post that life opportunities in the Trappist-1 system make our own solar system look fourth-rate. He adds that a collision with small asteroids could most likely spread life to the other planets, the Universe Today reports.

SETI aline hunters like Shostak believes that even if a single planet produced technically competent beings, species could quickly disperse across the new solar system. According to The Sun, he adds that listening out for radio signals might be the best way for us to figure out if life does exist on Trappist-1. Alien hunters continue to search with renewed hope as more information about the planets surface.

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