‘Pokemon' Anime Movie Revealed, Pokemon Characters From S&M Will Be On Display?

By Dez Bryant , Mar 06, 2017 03:40 AM EST

Technically, this will not be the very first “Pokemon” movie in “Pokemon” history. However, there’s a noise going out right now that this new movie will shatter all the records that were made a few years ago.

‘Pokemon’s Legacy’

The new “Pokemon” movie trailer was released first in Japan. It shows a very deep and clear picture of how Ash and Pikachu became close friends. It also shows their very first endeavor and how they were able to manage to get out of it. There are numerous sources states that the story will only revolve around the two characters mentioned. Previously, the last movie that was released about “Pokemon” didn’t live up to its expectation.

The plot and the overall storyline confuses a lot of fans and they are not really quite sure if the movie was rushed. Nevertheless, with the new movie in hand, it has the capability to erase those mediocre movies. The only thing similar to its predecessor is, Ash and Pikachu will be on the ride of their life. There are no reports if Ash will be with his best friends Brock and Misty. For those who weren’t able to follow their saga, they split up due to some reasons and a storyline that is being set up for the future.

‘Pokemon’ And ‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Characters

Also, the most intriguing news on the movie is, they might be bringing some characters from the game “Pokemon Sun And Moon”. This will be exciting to both gamers and avid fan of the franchise since they are going to try to mix two worlds. If this movie will be able to depict the Generation 8 Pokemon from “Pokemon Sun and Moon”, it would answer all the questions that are dangling right now on the gamers head.

Currently, there are no release dates provided yet by the producers or director of the movie. But since it is the 20th year anniversary of “Pokemon”, they might release it this year.

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