‘Dragon Ball Super' Updates: Bergamo The Crusher's Power Absorption Revealed, Toppu Interferes

By Dez Bryant , Mar 03, 2017 03:20 AM EST

Probably one of the most exciting fights in the Tournament of Power. Bergamo The Crusher is Universe 9’s strongest fighter for a reason. It was revealed that he has multiple skills but his power absorption stands out from the rest.

Bergamo’s Relentless Power

Right now, Universe 9 is desperate in getting their first win in the tournament. The new rules have already laid out and if Bergamo will lose the battle, he might want to say goodbye to his beloved Universe as well. Although their backs are against the rope, Bergamo The Crusher is capable of flipping the script. After all, he is a member of the Trio Of The Dangers. According to a reliable source, he is the strongest among the brothers. Basil was the kicker, Lavender is the master of poison and Bergamo is simply the crusher.

For those who haven’t watch the trailer for episode 81, Bergamo has the ability to increase its size. Yes, Goku didn’t shrink during their battle as initially reported. Also, Bergamo The Crusher has the ability to absorb any attack or powers from his opponents. As seen in the clip, Goku already turned to a Super Saiyan during the start of the fight. This is unusual for Goku since he always starts with his base form while fighting. Did he sense the power Bergamo has or Goku is just intimidating the lone wolf?

Toppu Interferes To Save Everybody From The Fight

Back to the clip and some key points provided by famed YouTuber. Bergamo will use a technique that is somehow not allowed in the tournament. This will be the time that the proud fighter from Universe 11 and the next God Of Destruction, Toppu will burst in. There’s no name indicated yet on what technique Bergamo used but Toppu has to stop it immediately. Will he punish Bergamo on the incident? Or Will he fight both fighters? Either way, Toppu will win just basing on it power alone.

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