‘Dragon Ball Super' Updates: Sidra, The Smallest But Powerful God Of Destruction In Multiverse

By Dez Bryant , Mar 07, 2017 04:30 AM EST

TOEI Animation will have their much-needed break this week but they have left fans with plenty of information and questions that need to be exploited. Universe 9 might have lost their match but there are still a lot of things to discuss with their world. One of them is their God Of Destruction named Sidra.

The Strongest God Of Destruction?

He might be the smallest God Of Destruction in the Multiverse but he is definitely one of the strongest. Sidra’s physical appearance might fool a lot especially when they belittle his power. He looks like Gimli from the "Lord of The Rings" movie. However, it has been a debate since he was introduced on whether or not he is based on Norse Mythology or Egyptian Mythology.

The God Of War Is Ready

Luckily, the renowned YouTube channel who is famous in providing info about “Dragon Ball Super” was able to depict on what Sidra’s personality is. This God Of Destruction will be a force to reckon with. He might look small in his stature but based on his background, he might be stronger than Beerus. Apparently, Sidra looks like a grumpy old man due to some reasons. First, his looks are being used to deceive opponents and bad spirits alike. Second, it is also an advantage to lure his opponents in lowering their guard.

Sidra’s counterpart in Egyptian Mythology is called “Bes”. He is considered a demon and the God Of War. However, by checking the deeper meaning and origin of “Bes”, he is not that evil. His main priority in life is to protect children and women. He is often time mistakenly tagged as the devil because of the way he looks and the way he destroys his enemies.

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