Clash Of Clans News: Huge Update Coming Soon?

Since the last major update, Supercell has been quite diffident with their patch updates, making the game seemingly placid and mundane. However, an interesting post from a well-known streamer drove many fans with intense hype about the upcoming update, which according to him, will be coming really soon.

Clash Royale: Major Update Brewing

A post from the well-known Clash of Clans and Clash Royale streamer, Clash with Ash, has driven a lot of fans with intense excitement as the YouTuber basically foreshadowed the upcoming major balance update - which, from the looks of it, is really huge. Here's the exact post.

According to Ash, Supercell is currently working on a "pretty sizable update" which is now on the "horizon," further hinting that the new update may come soon. There were no other details regarding the update which Ash revealed except for one, the rumored December update which includes the introduction of a boat.

These changes were scrapped by many fans considering that most of the contents that were discussed didn't materialize. Could it be that Supercell has been working everything all along and that the studio will soon introduce another form of co-op battles aside from Clan Wars?

There are many speculations regarding the alleged boat, but one theory states that the ship would serve as another method of battling another clan. To be precise, the theory hinted that Supercell may introduce Sea Battles in the future. Another popular theory states that the ship will enable players to explore and recover loots and treasures from a new and improved "Map."

No Confirmation From Supercell Yet

But take all of these theories with a grain of salt as Supercell neither confirmed nor denied the alleged leaks and the closest the community has ever been to these updates were on Ash's post. Whatever the case may be, it's safe to say that a lot of fans are quite interested in the concept of the ship, which has a high chance of materializing considering that Ash has direct connections with Supercell.

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