Clash of Clan: Here's Why Fans Have Mixed Reactions On The Winter Update

Supercell has just announced the Winter Update for Clash of Clans and it entails a lot of new contents, balance changes and discounted upgrade costs on several units and buildings. Everything sounded pretty neat except for one. And today, we're going to show you why the community has mixed reactions to the latest Winter Update.

Clash of Clans: Winter Update

The latest Winter Update brings exciting new contents, balance changes and events. Here are to name a few:

Town Hall 11:
Barbarian King Level 41-45
Archer Queen Level 41-45
Golem Level 6
Hog Rider Level 7
Poison Spell Level 5
 Clan Castle Level 7

According to Supercell, these changes will help sharpen the formerly fine line between TH10 and TH11. With the addition of new upgrades, it'll finally help distinguish the disparity between the two and makes TH 11 a lot harder to run through.

Balance Changes:
Witch damage and HP increased
Poison Spell radius increased
Balloons attack faster upon reaching their target
Dragon attack speed increased
P.E.K.K.A attack speed increased

Upgrade Discounts:
Barbarian King levels 31-40
Archer Queen levels 26-40
Wall levels 10-11
Wizard Tower levels 3-9
Clan Castle levels 5-6
Hog Rider (all levels)
Golem (all levels)


Upcoming events will soon be revealed on the later dates. Check back for more future updates!

Why Some Fans Are Disappointed with Winter Update

Now you may be thinking, why all the hate? Well, despite being considered as one of the best updates in Clash of Clans, the Winter Update has one loophole and that is, the Upgrade Discounts. According to hardcore players, the discount on the upgrades messed up a lot on their end as they dedicated a lot of time on the game just to reach their current status but one event just easily throws all their efforts away as if for naught.

Indeed, we can somehow understand for those that have grinded their way into max level and upgrades especially if you delve in retrospect the total amount of resources needed just to max out your heroes - let alone all your buildings!

But even so, a lot of fans from the community are casual gamers and so, they definitely love the upgrade discounts as it helped a lot in keeping up with the high levels. And so a constant back-and-forth argument has been initiated on this Reddit post.

What is your stand on the new Winter Update? Do you think the Upgrade Discounts should stay or not? Share your opinion in the comments down below!

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