‘Dragon Ball Super' Updates: The Return Of Vegito? Daishinkan's Secret Revealed

By Dez Bryant , Mar 08, 2017 06:20 AM EST

The Tournament of Power heats up as The Grand Priest, Daishinkan laid out some new rules for the tournament. A battle royal was introduced and the 12 Universe were shocked about it.

The Grand Priest’s Identity

The Grand Priest in “Dragon Ball Super” has been one of the most intriguing characters in the history of the series. There are numerous reports about Daishinkan but TOEI Animation hasn't acknowledged anyone one of it. The Grand Priest is considered as the second strongest being next to the Omni-King. As stated by the deities before, The Grand Priest has an immeasurable power and nobody wants to mess up with him.

The real identity of The Grand Priest is still a mystery to everybody. However, due to a request from the legions of “Dragon Ball Super” fans, famed YouTube channels such as GeekDom and Sam Kan created a video to decode The Grand Priest. When Daishinkan was initially introduced there was some noticeable symbols and gesture he usually makes. These key points were their basis on who the real Grand Priest is.

Also, the song in the series states that The Grand Priest has two distinctive traits. Apparently, Daishinkan can be considered as an Angel and a Devil. The first part of the song of “Dragon Ball Super” was translated and it revealed information that the fans wanted to hear. Daishinkan can be a ruthless creature like a devil in flesh at the same time, The Grand Priest can be a harmful deity like the rest of the angels.

Vegito Making A Comeback?

Due to the Battle Royal announcement, there is a big possibility that Vegito will be returning. As stated by Daishinkan, every Universe needs to have their best fighters in order to win the much-anticipated battle. Right now, Goku, Gohan, and Majin Buu are not enough for Universe 7. Remember when Goku and Vegeta had no choice but to join forces in order to defeat Super Buu? The infamous fusion brought Super Vegito to life and on episode 66, Super Vegito showed that his power is out of this world. If this will happen, Universe 7 will have a chance to conquer the multiverse. Also, Vegeta is on a secret training and the Saiyan prince knows that Vegito will be needed.

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