'Sons Of Anarchy' Spinoff Updates: Cast Photo Confirms Charlie Hunnam Not Coming Back For 'Mayans MC'

The production of the "Sons of Anarchy" spinoff series "Mayans MC" will kick off this March and it looks like the cast is already in full gear. The cast photo of "Mayans MC" though still does not show Charlie Hunnam who used to play as Jax Teller in the original series. With or without Jax, creator Kurt Sutter still promises to deliver a spinoff that can be as good as "Sons of Anarchy."

"SoA" spinoff "Mayans MC" is set to start filming the series and a photo of the main characters of the show has already been teased on Instagram. The spinoff is shaping up with arguably talented actors but unfortunately, promos still do not give the slightest hint that Charlie Hunnam will be a part of the show. Fans do not have to worry though since a familiar face will be back to transition the "Sons of Anarchy" to "Mayans MC."

Emilio Rivera is set to reprise his role as Marcus Alvarez who founded Mayans MC which is a rival organization of the Sons of Anarchy. Casting details revealed that Rivera's character will be related with John Ortiz' Esai Osorio who will serve as a charter president of the Mayans MC in the spinoff.

The report that Osorio lived with Alvarez for a time in California gave fans the feeling that he might have encountered Jax Teller during his stay in the state. However, it might not be possible now that the production has already completed its cast members.

There have been indications in the past that Jax might cameo in the spinoff, but Kurt Sutter has decided to create a fresh series without Jax. Also, he has already appointed the linchpin role to Marcuz Alvarez which is deemed logical since the series is now to shift its focus to the Latino motorcycle club.

"Sons of Anarchy" has easily become an acclaimed series with Jax Teller leading the show. The fact that he will not be in the spinoff might affect that ratings as Charlie Hunnam have become a fan favorite star of the franchise. Although the new installments, including the "Sons of Anarchy prequel that might premiere next year, does not include Hunnam, Sutter still tries to ensure fans of the motorcycle clubs with a story that can level up to the quality of "SOA."

Emilio Rivera has also promised the same and said that fans will enjoy the new series that they are about to see later this year. He described how Sutter is making in-depth research about how each of the characters should be played and the details about the Cali Cartel to make the scenes very much realistic. The premiere of the "Sons of Anarchy" spinoff series "Mayans MC" is yet to be revealed. Fans though can rest assured that it will come anytime this 2017.

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