Overwatch Hero Sombra Still Risky To Play Despite Recent Buff

By Alessia Amherst , Mar 10, 2017 07:32 AM EST

Blizzard weighs in on Sombra's Translocator bug wherein her hitbox still remains even after she teleports out of the area. Despite her recent buff, the character still seems like a risky pick to play.

New Overwatch Buff Gives Sombra More Support Features

According to VG247, the studio has announced yet another PTR patch in the works that had nerfed Zenyatta and restored Ana's previous grenade parameters. In line with this, Sombra has also gotten yet another quality of life change that makes it easier for her to fulfill her offensive support role.

After she hacks a health pack, Sombra and her allies can see the item through walls, which make it easier for teammates to get some healing. On the other hand, this also makes for a good bait trick as allies can lure enemies to the hacked health pack before they fight. These changes make Sombra much more viable along with her Translocator cooldown buff.

Hacker Hero Still Plagued By Translocator Glitch

However, PVP Live reports that her certain teleportation glitch still manages to elude Blizzard. Since December, players have been reporting a teleport delay when using her said ability. Because of this, enemies can actually kill her even as she leaves the area since her hitbox is still in place.

Principal designer Geoff Goodman claimed that they have already been trying to work on a solution but they have yet to find a solid fix. He added that her Translocator ability should act similar to Tracer's Recall skill in terms of evasion. With this in mind, those who want to play more Sombra should keep in mind the limits of her current abilities.

Even so, it seems like the Mexican hacker might seem like a strong contender for the upcoming meta that might consist primarily of barriers. Fans should prepare to see some Reinhardt and Orisa combos along with more Symmtera picks. Those who want to play Overwatch can buy the game for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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