Why Ark: Survival Evolved Is Just Too Popular Today

Ark: Survival Evolved despite being a huge success today has its own ups and downs to share. First off, it didn't quickly gain the attention of many. It didn't have the amount of players before compared to what it has now. Interestingly, developer Studio Wildcard had made some impressive moves in cementing the game's reputation in the today's industry. But really, why is this game so popular? What makes it stand out among the rest?

In the popular question-and-answer site Quora, a fan iterates the reasons why this title is acquiring all the applause from the masses. He mentions that there are multiple facets to consider, all of which contributed to the success of the game. The introduction of dinosaurs for instance. This alone here worked strongly in favor to the game, giving its sales a huge bump.

The relation of the dinos with the Ark: Survival Evolved players is actually understandable. It's a fact that most of them when they were kids have always loved the idea of these creatures. Somehow, in the back of their minds, it's their dream to pet or tame a gigantic beast. And so far, the game is showcasing this interesting relationship.

It's also worth noting that the core systems of the game worked efficiently. Sure, there might have been a couple of bugs and issues; however, none of them were left unresolved. Although one would say that the recent server wipe, as mentioned by Express, is a huge issue to tackle, it didn't really affect the player pool of the game. Besides, Studio Wildcard has shown their willingness to compensate for such things. (Though, at the end of the day, the severity of this issue relies on the players).

Overall, it can be said that Ark: Survival Evolved is among the most up-to-date sandbox or survival games. There's a huge amount of details that can be found within it. It has this captivating factor that lets players play for tons of hours. It may not really be the best in its category, but it sure is shaping to be one.

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