‘Dragon Ball Super' Updates: Goku's Nemesis, Jiren From Universe 11

Fans already saw a glimpse on what is going to happen on episode 82-85, thanks to Herms98 and other contributors. However, there was a specific line where TOEI Animation somehow misled the “Dragon Ball Super” fans.

The epic battle between Toppo and Goku is about to start, but there are speculations that it will end quickly. Most of the spoilers for the upcoming episodes are now leaked via Twitter. According to Twitter posts, The Grand Priest, Daishinkan, will interrupt their fight. Technically, the fight between Goku and Toppo is not part of the tournament, since the next fight is already announced.

Goku’s Nemesis Revealed

Spoilers also suggest that there was a line where translators mentioned the name Jiren. Most YouTube channels for “Dragon Ball Super” thought it was just a mistake. Then “Dragon Ball Heroes” game revealed that the name Jiren does exist and it belongs to the Universe 11 fighter. It can be recalled the first time when they introduced the black hooded fighter behind the Clown God Of Destruction. The physique was smaller compared to Toppo’s, and TOEI Animation made a quick change in making the appearance bulkier.

Is it possible that TOEI Animation made a mistake? In recent years, TOEI Animation confirmed that they have had mistakes in translating the contents of the show. With that said, instead of Toppo being the so called “Pride Trooper Leader” it should have been Jiren all along. The two can be seen fighting in the opening scene.

The power and ability of Jiren might be greater than Toppo. Jiren seems to fight Goku with ease even if Goku turns to Super Saiyan Blue. Is TOEI Animation tricking the fans in introducing Toppo as the leader, instead of Jiren? This questions will be answered next week.

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