Big Center Update Expected To Arrive To Ark: Survival Evolved Soon

Ark: Survival Evolved has all been about updates after updates. That's because the game's full version is yet to come. Nevertheless, it didn't keep Studio Wildcard from making this title a huge success. Well, the significant surge on its player pool is enough evidence to that. Apparently though, a massive update is expected to arrive soon. And guess what? It's no other than the Center update.

Players of Ark: Survival Evolved took to Reddit their clamor for the aforementioned update. Thanks to Redditor named Apa300, the community gets to have an idea about its status. The user basically asked about any interesting update about Thylacoleos in the center. He even went to inquire if these dinos are still missing.

To the surprise of many, one of the associates from Studio Wildcard named Jat answered the said questions. On it, it suggests that developers typically "update the Center/Scorched E" so as to include the new beasts. Unfortunately, nothing specific can be ferreted out from him, as he didn't work with the latest update. However, he "suspects it's a tech thing," something that's related to "a large Center update." He continues to point that it could be a "hacky-workaround" that they can pursue in the end.

It's worth noting that the Center update has long been anticipated by most Ark: Survival Evolved fans. They've been waiting for this to arrive, only that the studio has yet to fix a release date. Nonetheless, with what happened in the said social media, it's definitely a huge step. It shows that the video game company is indeed working on it. Let alone the fact that they really listen to the fandom.

In related Ark: Survival Evolved news, the VR spin-off of the game called ARK Park is starting to make a noise within the industry. As reported by HardcoreGamer, it wants to capture the magic that Jurassic Park offered. Sadly, for now, it's a matter of whether or not it can hold onto its players for a longer period of time. This one here is where players get to experience the beauty of the hub-world in which it's packed with holograms of flora and fauna (with the dinos being the main focus).

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