‘Dragon Ball Super' Updates: Demon Goku, The Animal Instinct Of A Saiyan

The Tournament of Power is moving quite a pace. There are plenty of changes in the original rules, which was laid by The Grand Priest, Daishinkan. Also, it seems that the whole multiverse is targeting Goku.

The whole idea of the New Arc and the Tournament of Power is to identify who is the greatest fighter in the multiverse. This is also a way for the Omni-King to check which Universe deserves to be preserved. During the past episode, The Omni-King via The Grand Priest mentioned the current ranking of the 12 Universe. As stated, Universe 7, where the Earth is included, has the second lowest rank.

Multiverse Preparing For Demon Goku?

The tournament started when Universe 7 and Universe 9 collided. During Goku and Bergamo’s fight, the lone-wolf stated that Goku is evil and doesn’t deserve to live. Surprisingly, Toppo, from Universe 11, also thinks the same way. When Toppo rushed into the arena, The leader of the Pride Trooper stated that he will get rid of Goku because Universe 11 doesn’t tolerate evildoers. Is there something that the other Universe know or sense about Goku? Why do most of the fighters and deities think Goku is evil?

Various theories were created about Goku’s personality in the tournament. Fans already know from the very beginning that Goku loves to fight. The only problem is, Goku’s thirst for fighting will put the whole multiverse in jeopardy. The Saiyans' animal instinct is again kicking in and it is now slowly going to Goku’s brain. One popular theory states that Goku has an evil counterpart. Is this the reason why they think Goku is the devil in flesh? 

The Saiyans Blood

Beerus also commented on Goku and the Saiyan race. The God Of Destruction stated that sometimes Saiyans are bothersome. The Supreme Kai of Universe 11 agreed and said that Goku’s power is a rival for the Gods. Is Goku being poisoned by its Saiyan blood? Will Toppo shutdown Goku? These questions will be answered in the next episodes of “Dragon Ball Super”.

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