Overwatch News: Glitch On Mercy Reveals Her True Self

By Nicole Fairchild , Mar 13, 2017 02:13 AM EDT

Overwatch's Mercy is becoming stronger because of the problem in the game. However, players are starting to love what is happening to the hero. Others compares the hero to X-Men's Phoenix because of the revelation of her true self.

Is It Possible To Unleash Mercy's True Form In Overwatch?

Since the recent update in Overwatch occured, players have been using Mercy's hello emote in the game. However, they noticed that when she was up in the sky, jumping, her wings expands and have green lights that seem to glow.

According to PVP Live, if some players compare Mercy to Phoenix, then they believe that she is similar to Gundam Deathscythe. But whatever the problem in Overwatch is, they are more excited to use her and see her stronger form.

Also, players have commended the new invulnerability in Mercy's Ressurection. The developer has made the spawning a little bit longer in Overwatch that is why they are glad that they will be able to protect themselves in times of desperation.

How To Access Mercy's Glowing Wings?

One Reddit user has shared on how she found out about Mercy's expanded wings. They must jump first before hitting the space button. After holding the button, they must release to interact with the communication wheel and press the button again.

As per Kotaku, the user has done that for 10 minutes and she never failed to unleash the inner Phoenix of Mercy in Overwatch. However, there is a possibility that Blizzard will soon update the game and the hero to prevent the incident from happening.

Hopefully, before Blizzard will try to fix Overwatch's Mercy, players will be able to experience her Phoenix or Gundam Deathscythe form. They have to admit, it was cool seeing her with green glowing wings and some players have even noted that it would be better if Blizzard will leave it at that.

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