For Honor Manages To Bring Back Ubisoft's Glory

For Honor is among the latest titles of this year. While it still needs more improvements, it can't be denied that it acquired a significant success in the market. In fact, this game is deemed to have put Ubisoft back to the fold -- something that the studio has been longing to achieve since last year.

As reported, the aforementioned title is perhaps one of the best releases from the video game company in years. Well, this is actually a timely achievement, given the myriad of rollercoasters the studio had to go through last year. It's worth mentioning that Tom Clancy's The Division, one of its titles, became a huge controversy in 2016. That's because most players were complaining about the multiple issues and exploitations they experienced (though these are all a thing in the past now).

For Honor, in its most organic form, is a hack-and-slash epic game. Fans who are into brutal medieval fighting will definitely fall in love with it. Here, players are given 12 heroes to choose from. They also have the freedom to play various factions. All in all, there are three of them, which are the Knights, the Samurai and the Vikings.

Each of the above-mentioned characters works differently in For Honor. They vary greatly in design and, most especially, fighting style. The story of Ubisoft's latest game centers on the results of a natural disaster. This, in one way or another, lead to the battle between the most fearsome warriors of Earth.

While it's true that the game's player pool on Steam has been greatly reduced, as reported by MMORPG, it's still considered as a top title. As a matter of fact, most reviews- - if not all of them -- talk greatly about the it. Critics sing praises of how detailed and absorbing the gameplay is. Of course, it still has a lot of things to prove. It's completely understandable, though. It's a work in progress. Nonetheless, if the studio continues to deliver interesting contents and well-thought features, there's no doubt this game will even reach greater heights.

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