Latest For Honor Update Is All About Fixing Massive Issues

It holds true that For Honor is one of the most highly talked about games of recent memory. However, just like any other titles, it also has its own fair of issues to share. But of course, Ubisoft isn't the kind of studio that will just sit down. In fact, it has already released a brand new patch that focuses on fixing these problems.

According to VG247, the studio has just revealed to the general public that a good amount of balance changes are coming to the game. These are all but part of a live update (deemed as server-side), which is available across all platforms. In order for these tweaks to happen, the video game company will have to temporarily shut down the servers.

The schedule for shutting down the For Honor servers will start at 8 AM EST, 5 AM PST, 1 PM GMT/UK. These will be applied across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It will only take at least 45 minutes for the update to be installed. The biggest change coming via this patch is a nerf that is meant to guard break spam, something that affects all heroes within the game.

There will be simultaneous guard break attempts, allowing players to push back. There will also be subsequent simultaneous guard break attempts that won't necessarily connect. In addition to this, players won't be able to activate Warlord's famous full block stance automatically. That's because Ubisoft implemented a 200ms delay once the button is pressed.

Express notes that the recently released For Honor patch has been split into two different sections. However, only some of these changes are meant to affect players on the PC platform. For instance, players who own a system with Intel Integrated Graphics (which is below the minimum requirements) will now be able to proceed with the past warning message. It's worth noting that in the past they have to exit the game.

As for another For Honor hero, Valkyrie is among the affected characters in the game. Its Shield Tackle Full Block property will no longer be considered as a reactive tool. That's because a delay from the instantaneous activation has been applied. The seconds are the same with the one mentioned above.

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